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Stereo Glow Final- Dig it Up_edited.png


Where There Are No Words

Where There Are No Words follows the release of Stereo Glow’s hit singles “Captivation” and “Dig It Up.” Exemplifying the range and diversity in their songwriting, “Captivation” embodies a colorful and bold alternative/pop rock anthem while “Dig It Up” is a much more rocking, multi-dimensional song that leans toward the gritty and obscure side. Both were lauded by critics for their technical prowess and intricate musicianship – particularly for the duo’s first effort.

Their synergy can also be felt while performing. Jessica Jellen’s hauntingly beautiful voice is fueled by Mark Burke’s incendiary guitar and bass performances, making them a tour deforce with their first musical effort.

Dreams in motion
Walking over the line
In the day time, night time coming, coming, coming

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